Providing high-quality offsets to carbon market participants, based on direct, permanent and independently verified reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Welcome visitors to e-BlueHorizonsSM, a service of CommonWealth Resource Management Corporation supplying high-quality carbon offsets on a wholesale basis to corporations, institutions, environmental commodity brokers, offset retailers and other carbon market participants. All offsets available through CommonWealth are associated with direct, permanent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions – and all such reductions are wholly attributable to projects owned and operated by CommonWealth subsidiaries. Each of the projects, and all of the offsets, have been validated and verified in accordance with the eligibility and quality-control standards and procedures established by the leading offset programs and registries in the voluntary carbon market.

Please be advised that e-BlueHorizonsSM no longer offers offset retirement services to retail customers via on-line transactions (for help with that, see below).

  • If you are a prospective large-volume purchaser sourcing offsets for your corporate or institutional clients, your own trading portfolio, or for re-sale through a retail enterprise or otherwise, please contact:

    Mr. Anton Finelli, Principal
    CommonWealth Resource Management Corporation
    (617) 327-8146

    Or, click “NEXT” here and you’ll have access to information you’ll need to evaluate our offset projects, review our standard commercial terms, and initiate a negotiated transaction off-line. NEXT.

  • If you are interested in offsetting the climate impact of your household, small business, travel, a wedding or similar event, click “NEXT” here for referral to offset retailers who can help you. NEXT.
  • If you are a former e-BlueHorizonsSM retail customer, the record of the retirement of serialized offsets made in your name (or the name of the honoree you designated ) will remain visible on the e-BlueHorizonsSM account on the American Carbon Registry. If you have any questions or concerns about your retirement transaction or your customer certificate please e-mail