We help our clients

  • Originate and refine ideas for waste and resource management projects
  • Select technology, create a conceptual design and define a development approach
  • Make business arrangements by procuring vendors (public clients) and preparing winning proposals (private clients)
  • Acquire sites, environmental permits, and supporting business arrangements for feedstock supply, product marketing and residuals management.
  • Support acquisition of financing.
  • Achieve, sustain and enhance commercial operation.
  • Register, manage and monetize environmental attributes.

We have provided many of these services under long-term engagements with:

  • The Municipal Review Committee, Inc. (MRC), which manages MSW on behalf of 115 member municipalities in Maine.  CRMC provided services to the MRC in support of waste disposal arrangements with a waste-to-energy facility in Orrington, Maine, from 1991 through 2018; and has been supporting development and operation of a mixed-waste processing facility in Hampden, Maine since 2013.
  • The Town of Nantucket, which manages solid waste through contract operations of a materials recycling facility (MRF), MSW and biosolids co-composting facility, landfill, transfer station, and citizens drop-off facility. CRMC supports the Town in oversight of operating arrangements and compliance with the contract operator and is working with the Town to evaluate and implement the next generation of solid waste management after the existing arrangements expire in 2025.
  • The Town of Bourne, MA, Department of Integrated Solid Waste Management, which owns and operates a landfill, a transfer station, a citizen’s drop-off center and a recycling center. CRMC provides landfill gas flow measurement and calibration services in support of performance improvement and permit calibration. CRMC has also assisted Bourne with multiple projects since 2002 for construction and demolition debris processing; landfill gas recovery and use; anaerobic digestion of organic wastes; electricity generation; landfill leachate management; and acceptance of municipal combustion facility residues.
  • An unregulated subsidiary of an electric utility, for whom CRMC originated, acquired rights for, developed, and supported financing, construction and commercial operation for eight landfill gas-to-electricity facilities along the east coast (for which CRMC’s residual interest was sold back to the subsidiary after commercial operation) and provided services to support development of several dozen additional such facilities across the U.S.

Selected other client engagements have included the following:

Project origination and feasibility
  • For Great Falls Aquaculture, LLC (Turners Falls, MA), developed conceptual design and acquired air emission license to produce bio-gas and generate electricity from anaerobic digestion of organic wastes at a vertical containerized fish farm.
  • For the four low-country counties in South Carolina, evaluated regional MSW management options in support of development of a new transfer station.
  • For the Town of Greenfield, MA, developed conceptual design and evaluated procurement options to produce bio-gas and generate electricity from anaerobic digestion of biosolids from a wastewater treatment facility.
  • For Plasma Energy Innovation, LLC (Sharon, MA), performed techno-economic analysis of a small-scale biomass gasification technology.
    Support for facility and system operations
    • For the City of Haverhill, MA, supported negotiation of a waste disposal and host fee agreement extension with a waste-to-energy facility.
    • For the Town of Plymouth, MA, supported restructuring of the municipal recyclables collection program in response to commodity market disruptions.
    • For the Town of Nantucket Energy Office, managing creation and disposition of Mass. Class I Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from the wind turbine at the municipal high school.
    • At the Southbridge Landfill, provided landfill gas flow calibration services to support enhanced collection performance and permit compliance.
    Project development assistance
    • For the Town of Fairhaven, MA, supported procurement and implementation of two 1.5-MW wind turbines to provide net-metered electricity for a wastewater treatment facility.
    • For the Town of Yarmouth, MA, supported procurement of anaerobic digestors for treatment of biosolids and organic wastes at a septage treatment facility.
    • For the Stop&Shop Supermarket Company, Freetown, MA, supported acquisition of an air emission license to produce bio-gas and generate electricity from anaerobic digestion of organic wastes at a regional food distribution center.
    • For the Greater Lawrence Sanitary District, Lawrence, MA, supported modification of an air emission license for engine-generators combusting bio-gas from anaerobic digestion of biosolids at a wastewater treatment facility.
    • For Citywide Organics, Boston, MA, supported development of proposals to develop anaerobic digestion and energy generation facilities on the Boston waterfront.
    • For Loci Controls, Inc., supported revision of protocols for certification of carbon credits resulting from technical improvements in autonomous control of landfill gas collection systems.
      Other Private Client Engagements
      • ADCo Ecuador: LFG to electricity facility
      • American Capital  Advisors: McCommass Bluff LFG to RNG facility, Purchase in bankruptcy court process
      • Baker Commodities: Modify solid waste facility permits
      • Bio  Systems Partners: Regulated medical waste processing facility
      • Brattleboro Bioenergy Park: Add AD to LFG facility
      • Celtic Recycling LLC
      • City Soils (Boston, MA): Expand yard waste composting facility
      • Energetech, LLC: Ocean wave energy to electricity facility
      • Lion’s Head Organics: Mobile composting service
      • Mass DEP (Molten Metal Technologies): Solid waste processing facility
      • MethanEnergy LLC: Convert LFG to CNG and LNG, Landfill gas to energy  facility
      • NEESCO Fairfield (CT): Back-up generator
      • NEESCO Lakeville (MA): Back-up generator
      • Palmer Capital: LFG to RNG facility in Scholl Canyon, CA
      • Pet Memorial Park: Air emissions control for pathological  waste incinerator
      • Prudential Management Advisors: Re-open and sell municipal waste combustion facility
      • Resolve Group: Sell electricity from solar PV facility at Superfund site
      • Rubber Recovery, Ltd: Evaluate tire recycling venture
      • Schenectady International Inc.: CHP at chemical factory
      • Skye Clean Energy: Add AD to LFG Facility
      • TIRU: All permits for French waste-to-energy facility in Shirley, MA, Acquire electricity sales contract through competitive process
      • Waste Management of MA: Permits for landfill expansions
      Other Public Client Engagements
      • Town of Canton, MA: RFP for yard waste facility at closed landfill site; post-closure use permit
      • Town of Chelsea Receivership: MSW user fee study
      • City of Holyoke, MA: RFP for MSW disposal capacity
      • Town of Longmeadow: RFP for development of a privately-owned solar PV facility on public land
      • Town of Marblehead: Evaluation of MSW wet processing technology
      • City of Marlborough: Support for compliance with contracts for mixed waste processing facility
      • Town of Medfield, MA: Evaluation of AD facility for biosolids at wastewater treatment facility
      • Town of Mt Desert, ME: SUpport for development of municipal Solar PV facility 
      • City of New Bedford, MA: Study of privatized MSW collection 
      • Town of Provincetown: RFP for full service development of private waste-water treatment plant
      Public and Pro Bono
      Spring 2021 Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
      Review and Evaluation of Proposals for the AmplifyMass Program
      Dec 2020 Testimony to the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Transportation, Energy and Utilities (TUE) related to proposals to amend the regulations of the Renewal Portfolio Standard at 225 CMR 14.00
      Fall 2020 Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
      Review and Evaluation of Proposals for the InnovationMass Program
      Nov 2019 and ongoing Town of Sharon Energy Advisory Committee and Municipal Solar Oversight Committee. Planned projects, procured and selected private developers, negotiated agreements and secured Town meeting approval for Town solar PV generation and battery energy storage systems at the closed Sharon municipal landfill, the East Elementary School, the Heights Elementary School, the Gavins Pond (soccer field) Parking Lot and the new Sharon High School. Providing oversight of project development, construction and operation.
      Jan 2018 Town of Sharon Energy Advisory Committee
      Procurement of a consultant for municipal aggregation program and oversight of program regulatory approval and implementation
      2013 Onward MIT Clean Energy Prize
      Mentor for projects involving plastics pyrolysis technology, biomass gasification, biomass torrefaction and BOD real-time measurement