Renewable Electricity

The CNBE facility has generated and sold in the range of 15,000 to 21,000 MWh of electrical energy per year, and over 326,670 MWh in total, since 2005. The net electrical output of the CNBE facility has been pre-sold on a unit-contingent basis through the end of 2023.  CRMC is open to inquiries regarding purchase of the net electrical output of the CNBE facility starting in January 2024.

The CNBE facility is located in the SEMA zone of the ISO-NE control area and is interconnected with the Eversource local distribution system at Node 4006 via the 107 URD 15 kV loop-circuit off the Industrial Park Substation in northern New Bedford, MA. 

CRMC is a member of NEPOOL. The CNBE facility is registered with ISO-NE as Unit Asset 11052.