Loci Controls, Inc., the leader in automated landfill gas collection, announced today that the American Carbon Registry (ACR) has approved a new methodology for monitoring, reporting and verifying greenhouse gases (GHGs) collected using its Automated Landfill Gas Control (ALGC) technology at large US landfills. The methodology, developed with support from CommonWealth Resource Management Corporation, was approved after undergoing a six-month scientific peer review process and an extensive public comment period.

LOCI’s ALGC technology helps landfills improve the rate of capture of methane and other GHGs that would otherwise be emitted to the atmosphere. The new ACR methodology would allow landfills that install and operate the Loci technology to quantify the additional methane captured, thereby providing an opportunity to generate and sell carbon offsets. The revenue from carbon offsets could incentivize a large number of landfills to automate and improve their landfill gas collection systems, with potential to reduce CO2-equivalent emission by 50 million tons per year from US landfills alone.

For more details, contact Thomas Yeransian, CRMC, at tyeransian@crmcx.com.