Strategic Planning & Analysis

The ever-growing demand for energy and other resources on which economic expansion is based, the rising costs of waste management, and the strong public interest in environmental protection and efficient resource utilization, have resulted in increased economic, regulatory and political pressure on communities, businesses and institutions. Those same factors have also created significant opportunities for initiating, investing in or acquiring new or expanding energy production, waste management, and similar resource recovery or utilization projects and enterprises.

CommonWealth provides strategic planning, investment analysis and related decision support services to communities and businesses as they continue to respond these challenges and opportunities. Specific planning and analysis services offered by the firm include:

Investment Analyses/Feasibility Assessments

We help corporate managers, private investors and institutional lenders evaluate the technical, business and regulatory performance requirements, costs, and risks associated with waste management facilities, independent power projects, and other environmental enterprises that are available for acquisition, need financing, or require restructuring. These evaluations typically involve detailed assessments of actual (or projected) facility (or process ) design and performance as they relate to actual (or projected) outputs and costs, as well as assessments of markets and competition as they relate to actual (or projected) front-end and back-end prices and revenues. The results of these assessments are tied together in pro-forma cash flow projections and other economic analyses based on realistic operating and financing scenarios. Findings may be delivered to the client in a variety of presentation formats including formal technical and economic feasibility reports.

Integrated Solid Waste Management Planning

We help public and private clients develop long-range plans for reducing and managing their municipal solid waste (MSW). The planning effort typically includes characterizing components of the present and future MSW stream; establishing waste reduction and recycling objectives; assessing feasible waste reduction, separation, collection, processing, treatment and disposal alternatives; and estimating the associated costs and benefits. The process may also involve identifying long-term financing requirements and evaluating user fee systems and other financing alternatives. In addition, we help clients develop realistic implementation schedules, and provide follow-on procurement and project management support.

Technology Assessments and Transfer

We provide assessments of new and existing resource recovery, waste processing and environmental control technologies and management systems. In conjunction with this, we identify the market, competitive, and regulatory conditions that define the performance requirements for the subject technology and industry, and determine whether there is a basis in design and documented performance history for the requirements to be met and for the technology to succeed. We also help offshore technology developers connect with technology importers in the U.S., and vice-versa.

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