Development Services

The development of capital projects involves a high degree of technical, financial and regulatory complexity and risk. CommonWealth helps developers of solid waste processing and disposal facilities, independent power producers, and developers of other capital-intensive projects and enterprises to manage these risks through all phases of the development cycle. Depending on client needs, we can act as the de facto developer for an operating company or group of investors, or we can assist an in-house development team by providing technical or managerial support on an ad hoc basis. Specific development services offered by the firm include:

Initial Feasibility Assessments

We assess market conditions, identify the prevailing technical standards and performance requirements for the product or service being proposed, and perform technical and economic evaluations to determine if a proposed new project or enterprise is likely to satisfy the developer’s business objectives in the regulatory and competitive environment that prevails within the target industry and the related product/service marketplace.

Site Selection and Acquisition

We identify and screen candidate sites for greenfield projects, and evaluate pre-existing facility locations, using threshold and preferential suitability criteria. We can also assist in structuring and negotiating site purchase or lease agreements, including agreements for rights to resources like landfill gas or process residuals.

Conceptual Design

For projects involving physical facility development, including the design and installation of power generation, waste processing, waste disposal and/or resource recovery systems and equipment, we establish facility design parameters and performance criteria to guide design development, and as the basis for permitting, financing and other development activities. We can also arrange for and manage the development of detailed architectural and engineering plans and specifications.


We identify relevant project licensing and permitting requirements, establish permitting plans, and manage the preparation of all project-related permit applications and supporting documents. Subsequently, we pro-actively represent project sponsors as necessary throughout the permitting and approvals process.

Contract Negotiation

We prepare and negotiate the technical and business terms of service agreements needed to make a project feasible and financeable, including agreements for facility construction and operations, and for the purchase and sale of all required project inputs and outputs, such as fuel supply, waste acquisition, utility interconnection, recovered materials and energy marketing agreements.


We work with project sponsors and underwriters to develop detailed projections of project/enterprise cash flows and debt-service coverages under various operating scenarios, and to assess alternative financing strategies, requirements and costs. We also assist with the preparation of comprehensive business plans, financing proposals and public offering documents, and can help arrange for debt and/or equity financing of qualified projects and enterprises.

Proposal Preparation

We help clients acquire new project development opportunities or broaden the revenue base for an existing project by helping them respond successfully to public or private Request for Proposals (RFPs). Whether as the leader or as a supporting member of the client’s proposal team, we will assist with the development of the RFP response strategy, as well as with the preparation, production and timely submission of focused and responsive technical and pricing proposals, qualifications statements, and related bid documents.

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