Twelve firms responded to the Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) issued by the Town of Nantucket for solid waste services to be provided in December 2025 after existing contracts expire. The RFEI, prepared by CommonWealth Resource Management Corporation, requests responses from firms interested in the following services:

  • Contract operations of the existing co-composting facility.
  • New facilities to transfer solid waste to the mainland if the co-composting facility is closed.
  • A new facility to replace the co-composting facility with technology proposed by the respondent.

Four respondents expressed interest in contract operations; three also expressed interest in developing a new system for transfer to the mainland; and eight expressed interest in proposing new technology to replace the co-composting facility. The proposed technologies included pyrolysis, gasification, hydrothermal liquefaction and plasma arc treatment, with special interest in (a) converting source-separated plastics to syngas for electricity generation or for production of synthetic diesel or other liquid fuels; and (b) treating biosolids from the Surfside wastewater treatment facility to destroy PFAS.

CRMC is working with the Town to evaluate the proposals and consider next steps forward. Under consideration is a pilot project for testing emerging technologies on existing waste materials, either by delivering material to existing facilities or by conducting a demonstration project on Nantucket.

For more details, contact George Aronson, CRMC, at