CommonWealth is a management and environmental consulting firm focusing on issues and opportunities related to resource conservation, recovery and utilization. The firm is also a developer of specialized energy and environmental projects on its own and through strategic partnerships.

Consulting Services

As consultants, we help our clients plan and implement programs, facilities, systems and services for managing waste streams, for recovering value from waste, and for utilizing renewable and other energy resources, in ways that are environmentally responsible and economically sound.

Project Development

As developers, we strive to create value for ourselves, our partners, and other stakeholders through cost-effective application of specialized environmental management and control technologies and power generation systems.

Our goal is to help ensure that the projects and programs of those we serve — and with whom we partner — promote the responsible use and disposition of earth’s material, energy, and environmental resources.

Company Ownership

CommonWealth is a privately held Massachusetts corporation founded in 1991 by the present owners and directors of the firm, George H. Aronson, Anton J. Finelli and Thomas W. Yeransian.