CommonWealth is both a provider of fee-based professional consulting services, and an at-risk developer of specialized environmental projects. The firm’s at-risk development activity is undertaken on its own, and through project-specific or longer-term strategic partnerships.

Fee-based Consulting Services

CommonWealth’s consulting services are both technical and advisory. As technical consultants, our focus is on helping clients manage the transition from analysis and planning to successful implementation of projects and programs. As advisors, we bring a strategic perspective to the critical decisions our clients face as they respond to an expanding array of resource utilization, waste management, and related environmental protection challenges and opportunities. In all cases, our specialized knowledge of industry-specific markets, technologies, and regulatory requirements provides the framework for rigorous application of time-proven methods of engineering, economic, and managerial analysis in support of client initiatives and decision-making.

While our consulting services are always tailored to efficiently address the specific requirements of individual clients, those services may be conveniently described as falling within the following broad categories of professional assistance:

Development Services
Procurement Services
Strategic Planning and Analysis
Litigation Support

At-Risk Project Development

CommonWealth’s own development activities are an outgrowth of, and an adjunct to, work undertaken on a fee-for-service basis on behalf of clients who are the owner/operators of environmental projects, facilities and enterprises (see Development Services). As developers, we typically originate projects and bring them to financing. We may also assume or share certain of the other risks associated with the projects during the construction and operating phases of the project life cycle. In recent years, the firm has acted as developer or co-developer of multiple projects involving the recovery and use of landfill methane to fuel industrial boilers, produce power and treat leachate (a wastewater generated at municipal solid waste landfills). Projects currently being assessed or in early stage development involve the use of micro-turbine, hydropower, and wave energy technologies for small-scale distributed generation/ co-generation facilities.